Thanks + Giving

My friend Lily Miceli has a lovely podcast called “InBetween the Music.” Her recent broadcast for the Thanksgiving season is particularly gratifying. I hope you enjoy it. Be grateful for Simple Gifts. And Happy Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Thanks + Giving

  1. nancykruseaolcom

    Lovely and soul soothing. Appropriate to this holiday. Sending good wishes and a last minute question: I plan to make a run tomorrow to the B’ham Museum of Art in search of further soul soothing and will stick my nose in several new restaurants just to assess the vibe and grab a menu. Anything new that you think is worth seeing?


    1. gedwardjourney Post author

      Happy Thanksgiving, Nancy. I am not a good source these days since I haven’t been able to go out much. Automatic Seafood and Oyster Bar is my favorite newish spot but it is almost two years old and I suspect you’ve already been there. Helen, the new steak house in downtown, is getting buzz these days and I know they are open for lunch. I am also hearing good comments about Little London Pub in west Homewood; it’s the new brick and mortar location for a popular food truck business.



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